• PepsiCo Canada goes green, introduces 100% recyclable 7UP bottles

  • 7up-eco-bottle.jpg
    We’ve got wind of PepsiCo’s efforts to go green with the EcoGreen bottles that showed up a while ago. These bottles are completely recyclable unlike the regular PET bottles, and could help keep tons of plastic waste away from landfill sites. Now, PepsiCo Beverages Canada unveiled the 7UP EcoGreen bottle. Using these bottles will help keep 6 million pounds of virgin plastic from ending up in landfills on an annual basis, reducing 30% in greenhouse gas emissions and over 55% in energy use at the same time.

    To be made available for all 7UP and Diet 7UP package sizes from the start of August, PepsiCo will now have a carbon footprint a shade lighter, thanks to this initiative.

    Posted in Topics:Awareness and Hype, Tags: , on July 26, 2011