• Osmos recycles energy to nourish greens while cooking

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    The need to conserve energy and water has been under prime focus in the recent past and in the present times too for an inhabitable future. It has become mandatory to inculcate conserving habits in every act of the day. UK designer, Jonathan Banton, has fabricated a simple yet green product that nourishes the idea of making the best out of the otherwise wasted energy while cooking. Dubbing it as Osmos, this concept resembles a raised lid or tray from the kitchen cabinet. Crafted out of bone china, it is shaped to stay on a cooking vessel and absorb all the steam and heat that is lost while cooking food. The top of Osmos houses tiny green herbs and plants that thrive on all the nourishment provided by the base layer. It is designed to recycle all the lost energy during the cooking process to grow more greens for further cooking.

    One can also grow their choice of most favored herbs and pluck it of the lid to chop it and drop in the pan below. Instant fresh garden at your dispose! Further, during meal times, simple place this recycled green mini-garden off the kitchen top on to the dining table and add a dash of greenness to the table layout. Promising to be a piece of conversation during meal times, Osmos is intended for the dining times of 2015 by the designer. However folks with a green thumb need not wait for another 7 years. They can grab this idea and come up with a similar DIY product by recycling cast off kitchen utensils too in to something similar to Osmos.

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