• Nissan to launch rapid chargers for EVs at affordable price

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    In view of the large number of electric vehicles lined up to be launched, Nissan plans to launch rapid chargers for EVs at half the price of current market competition. Currently rapid chargers are available at a price of ¥3-4 million, while Nissan plans to launch its rapid chargers at ¥1.5-2 million. Considering the large charging time required to charge electric vehicles using a normal charger, rapid chargers are a must if electric vehicles are to be popularized. Nissan plans to deploy these chargers at 200 outlet stores at an average interval of 40km, thus covering entire Japan. Nissan’s Leaf can run up to 160 km on a single charge, hence these intervals are sufficient enough. This rapid charger is built on the standards specified by the CHAdeMO, a council set up to standardize charging equipment, and uses a voltage of 500V to produce 125A current and 50kW of power.

    Nissan plans to release these chargers in summer of 2010. It also plans to develop equipment to install charging facility in single family houses.

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