• NASA releases ducks on glaciers to curb global warming!

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    With all the alternative energy techniques and products hitting the horizon, the current generation has an array of options to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle. But NASA has some plans to duck the looming threat of global warming with ………ducks, literally! The rubber duck is actually a highly technical device that will throw light on how fast Greenland’s ice caps are melting. Though folks dwelling far off from Greenland may not feel the heat, it is estimated that if Greenland’s 2.2 million square miles of ice ever melted completely, sea levels would rise by an estimated 24ft (7.3m), destroying cities such as London and New York. Roll over to understand how these cute ducks swim in to help NASA fight global warming.

    A newspaper reported that “In August, Dr Behar flew to the Jakobshavn Glacier and landed near one of the tubular holes, known as “moulins”. Into one of the moulins he dropped 90 ducks, each labeled with the words “Science Experiment” and “Reward” in three languages along with an e-mail address. If the ducks are ever found, they will tell Dr Behar exactly what happens to the melted water from the glacier, allowing him to predict exactly how a catastrophic ice-cap melt would affect ocean levels. He hopes that they’ll be picked up by a fishing vessel about 30 miles (48km) away in Disco Bay, near Ilulissat.”
    On second thoughts, I was wonderign if these rubbers ducks are environment-friendly?

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