• Moving the Endeavour space-shuttle to the California Science Center to lead to 400 trees being cut

  • Cutting down a harmless tree for whatever cause can never be truly justified, given that these friendly green living beings contribute more to the environment than us ever-polluting humans. For those who know the Endeavour, this space shuttle is best remembered for its service in the Space Shuttle Program by NASA. The retired space shuttle will soon be moved to a new home at the California Science Center, though, moving this will cause the cutting down of nearly 400 trees along the route! And as expected, locals and environment-lovers are infuriated; to make up for the loss, the institution has promised to plant twice as many trees, though the ones being replaced are fully grown and are considered to be one of the main reasons of heightened property values in the area. Cutting these will not only bring down property prices but will also cause subsequent harm to the environment; a sacrifice the California Science Center seems fit to bring home a retired space shuttle.


    Posted in Topics:Awareness and Hype, Tags: on September 6, 2012