• Montreal to completely ban plastic water bottles

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    Montreal surprised and delighted the world when they announced the complete ban of plastic bags from 2018. Now, Mayor Denis Coderre made another surprising announcement last month that could change the scenario of plastic usage and waste management across the city. He spoke on the ban of plastic water bottles, labelling them as an ‘environmental nuisance’. In an email, the Mayor wrote, “More than 700 million of these single-use bottles end up in Quebec’s landfills every year. In Montreal, we are lucky to have excellent tap water, which is tested several times per day. We tend to forget that our water is of such good quality, that some companies even bottle it directly and then people find themselves paying for it.” This makes so much sense as it brings with it not only economical but also financial benefits.

    Montreal will not be the first city in the world to ban plastic water bottles if they do. The town of Bundanoon in Australia banned them in 2009, Concord in Massachusetts banned them in 2013 and San Francisco and Hamburg (Germany) effected bans in city buildings.

    [ Via : Usatoday ]

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