• Mint Hotel near the Tower of London boasts Europe’s tallest living green wall

  • mint-hotel-green-wall.jpg
    The recently opened Mint Hotel located near the Tower of London is already stealing the limelight from the good old landmark, with its eye-catching façade, the tallest living green wall in the whole of Europe! Unveiled last month, this vertical garden covers 1,025 square meters of the building. And the visual-treat isn’t limited to observers from the outside. Owing to the hotel’s large floor-to-ceiling windows, the beautiful greenery can also be viewed from the hotel’s lobby. The wall boasts forty different species of plants. In all, the wall has growing 184,000 single plants divided between 4,100 planting modules. To feed this, an automatic-irrigation system is used which also disperses liquid fertilizers to keep the plants healthy.

    For $200/night, a pretty affordable price for a hotel located in a historical location, one can spend a pretty green time with some spectacular views of the vertical garden!

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