• Microsoft to go green, using 100% recycled paper

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    Microsoft has decided to give itself a greener edge and will soon begin using post-consumer recycled paper for its operations. In alliance with locally owned and operated Grays Harbor Paper of Hoquiam, Washington, the Windows makers will henceforth use 100% recycled paper, replacing the current printing stock made with 30% recycled paper. The initiative by the company will help save up approximately 2,500 million BTUs in net energy, the equivalent of 750 million pounds of carbon dioxide. This will also help keep about 8,000 trees alive on an annual basis!

    The Harbor 100 paper that Microsoft plans to purchase is Green-e Certified too, with manufacturing process using sustainably gathered wood waste for energy purposes.

    Posted in Topics:Awareness and Hype, Tags: , on April 20, 2011