• Manmade emission-Black Carbon may be responsible for Himalayan melt!

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    The beautiful and massive Himalayas that spread across 1,550 miles through Asia harbor 10,000 glaciers. These majestic rivers of ice hold the third largest amount of fresh water on earth, and are source of water for the hundreds of rivulets across Asia. But sadly, over the years it has been observed that the ice clapped Himalayan glaciers have reduced by more than 20 percent. Scientists say that the rate of warming in the Himalayas has been about twice the global average over the last 3 decades. Previously the greenhouse gases were thought to be responsible for such an environmental change, but now scientists suggest that another more localized source of pollution emitted by industrial and other processes might be responsible for most of the melt. They say that Black soot is probably responsible for as much as half of the glacial melt and greenhouse gases are responsible for the rest. In conclusion scientists say more work is needed to pin down the relative contributions of black carbon and greenhouse gases.