• LA County imposes ban on plastic bags in certain areas

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    LA County is sick of all that plastic chocking the environment and has set up a ban on plastic bags, the biggest in the United States. The LA County passed a ban wherein disposable, single-use plastic bags will be pulled out of the lives of roughly around 1.1 million people. These bags when thrown away show in landfills in tons and remain there, being un-degradable, for long periods of time causing substantial harm to the environment. Paper bags are a much safer option being recyclable and bio-degradable. So, for 10 cents a pop, shoppers can now buy paper bags instead. For now, the ban has been imposed only on some places in the LA County.

    LA proper is unaffected by the ban though, and we sure as hell hope the ban spreads everywhere. We hate those plastic bags chocking our environment and wrenching the life out of it!
    [Treehugger And Huffingtonpost]

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