• Ingenious WaterDrop tote bag helps each household save 1000 liters of water a year

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    Water is precious. Just because we have access to water aplenty, we consider it to be a commodity that can be used freely. Unfortunately, this leads to wastage of water to no end. The biggest contributor to water wastage is the activity of bathing. While you wait for the water to get just as warm as you seem fit for a shower, the water flowing into the drain is an absolute waste. That’s where the WaterDrop tote bag comes into play. The bag collects water during the heating process and then allows you to use it for other purposes, thanks to a handy spout. The water that is saved can be used for gardening purposes, to water pets or for any other purpose. The makers estimate that if the water is saved by individuals from Europe and America alone, we will see over 1 trillion liters of water saved.

    The WaterDrop bag was up on Kickstarter for funding and received a backing of 318 contributors who amassed a sum of 16,680 Euros ($18,000) to bring the product to life.


    [ Via : Inhabitat ]

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