• Indian state makes solar plants mandatory for all new high-rises

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    The Indian state of Tamil Nadu has made it mandatory for all new high-rises to include a solar generation facility. The state has categorized all buildings above 4 floors as high rises. The rule will apply to all group development projects that contain over eight dwelling units. This will cover almost 90 percent of all residential and commercial establishments in buzzing cities such as Chennai and Coimbatore. Chennai has been a leading Indian state with a number of green initiatives spearheaded by the government. Back in 2001, they made rainwater harvesting mandatory for all buildings. The state has also managed to generate wind energy at a capacity of over 8,000 MW.

    “As the cities grow and transform living standards of citizens, the demand for power also goes up. Keeping in mind the commitment to generate clean energy, all buildings will have to install solar power panels,” said the Chief Minister of the state. A number of amendments to the law would be required so as to make this new rule effective.

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