• In a world of shrinking forests, Peru creates 3.3 million acre national park in the Amazon

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    Imagine the creation of a national park that is 22 times the size of Chicago! Yes, that’s what just happened with the establishment of a 3.3 million acre national park in Peru’s Sierra del Divisor mountain range. This makes the Amazonian rainforest completely protected from any efforts to exploit the goodness of the riches it has to offer in terms of natural resources. The effort has been led by Chicago’s Field Museum and the Peruvian Government. The Field Museum invested the last fifteen years, studying the area and also discovered 20 species of formerly unknown flora and fauna. In addition to the various animal and plant life that is housed there, it also houses the Iskonawa group of people who have inhabited the lands for ages.

    The idea of such a possibility is truly promising and brings hope to the countless many who seek a ray of hope in salvaging our dwindling natural spaces. This patch of the Amazon is sure to be protected from bulldozers and industrial growth.

    [ Via : Inhabitat ]

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