• HP’s EcoPOD, the world’s most efficient data center made from recycled shipping containers!

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    Data-centers are energy suckers, electricity-dipsomaniacs and are a serious strain on national grids. Ideally, these take about $15 million a year to operate on average and are more than often under-utilized and tend to drink an equal amount of funds to maintain too. However, turning a data-center green today is indeed possible, with HP setting an example with its Performance Optimized Data Center 240a, more commonly known as the HP EcoPOD. With benefits like energy efficiency, this high-performance server center with a higher power density, lower operating cost, faster deployment time and a footprint 1/10th the size of the traditional data center, seems to be the answer to data center designs of the near future!

    Using two 40-foot shipping container, the EcoPOD measures just over 45 feet long, 23 feet wide, nearly 21 feet tall, and weighs 425,000 pounds and can pack in 44 industry-standard, 50-server racks for a total of 2,200 servers with more than 7,000 server nodes! Costing $500,000 a year to operate, the EcoPOD is bound to turn the internet greener by the day!

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