• Green Italian town of Tocco powered by the wind and the sun

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    Ancient Italy isn’t all about olive trees and merry-making. It isn’t all about architecture and spaghetti either. Ancient Italy has a touch of green; well at least some towns do, like the town of Tocco. This ancient Italian town is powered by four wind turbines that generate enough energy to power up 30% of the town’s needs. With a population of 2,700 people, the town of Tocco also generated a sweet $200,000 from these wind turbines just last year, saving on local taxes. The cemetery office isn’t as dingy and frightening as we though it to be, instead installed with some high-tech solar panels that save up as much as $2000 annually.

    Currently, only 7% of Italy is powered by renewable energy and its about time the nation looks to this little far flung town for inspiration on going green.

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