• Green energy powered LED lighting could extend play-time for NYC kids

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    It just seems wrong growing up in a city with nothing but skyscrapers. And kids in cities like NYC do have a hard time scooping out places for some outdoor fun! Designer Andrew Burdick decided to give the kids hailing from the Big Apple a better play time experience by simply extending the hours during which existing fields can be used, instead of constructing new ones, a cheaper and time saving strategy. Using solar power and wind energy, Burdick proposes to set up LED lighting that will help illuminate these play areas during dark hours too, enabling them to be used 24 hours a day. Now we aren’t really sure about just how many kids would prefer playing a soccer game at night, but the proposal seems economically practical!

    The lights that Burdick designed cost about $16,000 to $25,000, an astounding sum though coupled with future savings. However, to light up a full-fledged soccer field, at least 10 of these are required. A cost the City of New York might just need to pay, to keep the kids happy and healthy!

    Posted in Topics:Awareness and Hype, Tags: , on April 8, 2011