• France makes it mandatory for new rooftops to accommodate plants or solar panels

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    France has just done what pretty much the whole world should. A new law has been passed by the country that makes it necessary for new buildings and establishments to develop rooftops that either have a solar panel on them or plants, whichever is easier to maintain. This simple idea could inspire the way the world looks at tackling pollution and nonrenewable energy. Plants greatly contribute by creating an isolating effect to help reduce the energy needed to heat or cool houses. Another great advantage of having a garden on your rooftop is the ability of plants to absorb water and thus avoid leaks. Germany and Australia have already taken the challenge of expanding their use of solar panels.

    Now, some may refute this rule but a larger mass supports the same. It is after all, an effort to contribute to the greater good of us all.

    [Via – Thespiritscience]

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