• Environment Agency Mulls Idea of Introducing ‘Carbon Allowance’ in Britain

  • Carbon allowance Britain.jpg
    Britain’s Environment Agency Head Lord Smith is going to suggest a ‘Green New Deal’ at the agency’s annual conference tomorrow. And what is this ‘Green deal’ which may be introduced over next 20 years? He advocates fixed carbon allowances for every individual to cut down carbon emission. Each citizen will have a ‘Carbon Account’ with cards that will keep track of their usage of fuels, electricity etc in short it will track their carbon footprint and once they exceed allowed limits they will be asked to pay more for getting more credit. According to Climate Change Act Britain is under tremendous pressure to cut down greenhouse gas emission level by 80 percent before 2050.

    It does seem an very interesting idea but then citizen’s would not like to be stalked by government agencies and told what to spend, where to spend and how to travel etc. Critics fear this will have a great impact on business and economy. Creating awareness and making each individual save energy and cut down emission will be highly effective. Each individual should feel responsible for their carbon footprint which is putting planet in danger. Such legal reinforcements will only complicate issues.
    Via Telegraph