• Eindhoven’s “closer-to-nature” street lamps

  • lamp1.jpg
    A green and clean neighborhood is always favored and appreciated. One of the greenest and most beautiful cities in Netherlands, Eindhoven has taken a step forward in taking its residents closer to nature. Suspended foliage in public spaces in an effort to turn the city greener and more eco-friendly is indeed an applauded idea put to use in the form of Green spotlights. These lamps suspended above the streets of the city are surrounded with foliage on the outside. On growing, this foliage will create a spectacular natural shade to the lamp in the center. These lamps when lit up create a natural green aura around them and on the street below. So, the next time you walk the streets of Eindhoven make sure you look above you and lose yourself in the natural magnificence of these lamps.


    Posted in Topics:Awareness and Hype, Tags: , on December 9, 2009