• Does Copenhagen summit really practice what it preaches?

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    No matter how many conferences are held at the Copenhagen environment summit, no matter how much environmental degradation we face, no matter the ever increasing warnings and preaches to use less water, conserve energy, turning down the heat, reduce deforestation, driving small cars, it seems that the elite at Copenhagen itself have failed to practice what they have been preaching. The green-conscious conference is utterly buried in not just 8×11 white sheets, but the heavy cream-colored paper used in brochures and glossy red-and-yellow papers the United Nations uses to urge attendees to live a low-carbon lifestyle. Brochures are handed out by exhibitors from almost every NGO. These hundreds of pages are not even printed on recycled paper, nor do they use vegetable ink. Then there is the “Daily Programme,” which comes in two parts every day. It tells you who is doing what, where and in which meeting room. Total pages on Tuesday: 56. The total Wednesday was 48, and everyone takes at least one. Do the math: 104 x 15,000 = 1.56 million sheets. And that’s in just two days. It is appalling that in this electronic age, when almost everyone owns a laptop, why can’t things be done electronically over e-mails?
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