• Copenhagen summit’s greenhouse emission is equal to that of an African country!

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    It may sound surprising and ironical but according to estimates by the United Nations, this years climate change talks in Copenhagen will result in the production of carbon dioxide that equals that produced by an African country! The 12 day summit will cost an enormous sum of £130million with 15,000 delegates and 45,000 green visiting Copenhagen. 5,000 journalists will be covering the event at which 100 world leaders will be present. The flights, trains, buses and other forms of transport, and the food and energy used at the summit will generate 41000 tons of carbon dioxide. £6.3million will be spent on flights and £20million on hotels and £3.3million on food. Discussions regarding funding the under developed with £100billion every year by the western countries to help protect themselves from natural disasters and protection of rain forests from destruction will be carried out at this meet. However, many scientists are skeptical and argue that the summit will pollute the environment more by releasing green house gases instead of saving it!


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