• Coal power station in Tarong, Australia, to smoke less

  • microalgae_1.jpeg The coal power station in Tarong, Australia, is all set to cut down on the pollution it emits using an algae system from OriginOil. The plant by Australian firm MBD Energy will hook on to a system that will capture flue-gas emitted from the coal-fired power station with the help of a bio-based carbon capture storage device. Using the captured Co2, the micro-algae reproduce more algae biomass which can then be put to use for fuel and plastic manufacturing. Currently, the system will be used on a test basis at the one hectare site and if it does manage to prove its worth, MBD Energy will hook it on to a larger 80 hector site in future.

    With a system like this, coal power stations will simply seize to smoke up the air like they do these days, helping keep a ton of Co2 emissions away from the environment and our lungs.

    Posted in Topics:Awareness and Hype, Tags: , on May 25, 2011