• Cleaning up flood water and making it potable, the Health Light

  • 3.jpgCities today have turned into concrete jungles. The amount of green and open land is slowly diminishing in our urban areas. It’s no wonder that cities around the globe keep flooding over and over again. Once the waters flow out into the streets, it proves to be extremely hazardous, giving rise to diseases and mixing up with toxic waste from drainage systems. So, designer Liu Yun came up with this innovative technique to purify this water to some extent. Termed the Health Light, the solar powered device gets rid of the contaminating bacteria in water and detoxifies it, filtering it in the process.

    The system works well enough to clean the water up, making it potable, powering up by the sun. Floods won’t be so much of a health hazard when this system turns into a reality.

    Posted in Topics:Awareness and Hype, Recycle, Tags: on March 30, 2011