• Clean energy is the new pledge of the Fortune 500

  • Clean energy 1It all starts with the big players when it comes to trends in the business world. So it goes with inspiring clean energy and sustainable efforts to preserve the planet. Some of the largest American companies including Walmart, Salesforce, Nike and Starbucks have committed to using clean energy that is generated from solar and wind sources. Spearheaded by a non-profit group called The Climate Group and environment data firm CDP, the group of nine Fortune 500 companies pledged to join the RE100 campaign. The Climate Group had also hosted a week-long event in New York to focus on climate change around the same time.

    Clean energy 2
    This is an inspiring trend that can most likely be replicated by a number of competitor and smaller companies as well. This public announcement automatically triggers investment opportunities in the clean energy sector, giving rise to more prospects to promote and facilitate the creation of clean energy devices.

    [ Via : Fortune ]

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