• Botanical Garden Pavilion by BuildingStudio shows New Orleans a greener life

  • D.jpgEvery dark cloud has a silver lining. Every destructive hurricane has something beautiful come to life in its aftermath. Well at least the hurricane Katrina did. New Orleans is busy building back its bubbling community after having suffered the wrath of the terrible forces of nature. This time though, they seem intent on respecting nature a lot more than they used to. American BuildingStudio thinks this really to be a good time for New Orleans to go green, while being built up again. Rainwater harvesting, solar power and gray water reuse could help out a lot. Keeping that as a thought, the New Orleans Botanical Garden recently commissioned a small demonstration pavilion to show how technologies make the life of a homeowner simpler, cleaner and greener.

    Inside the pavilion, graphic information is displayed and describes how residents can reduce their carbon footprint, making the environment and the surroundings a lot more livable. Using a 12-ft. cube sheathed in aluminum screens with the interior walls, floor and ceiling clad in reclaimed lumber, the structure too is eco-friendly too, and using water harvested from the pavilion roof channeled down. To top it all, the pavilion has a setup of photovoltaic to soak in the sun and power up electronics. A green pavilion for a green cause in New Orleans by BuldingStudio.

    Posted in Topics:Awareness and Hype, Tags: , on July 16, 2010