• Big Blue IBM launches Project Big Green

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    It’s very rare that a IT infrastructure company takes the initiative to offer its clients a complete green solution in its product package itself. Project Big Green by IBM, is a $1 billion project aimed to provide customers with high computing capacity in a smaller footprint while saving on power, cooling and space costs. It is designed to introduce new technologies that customers will be able to use in order address energy challenges in data centers. A modular data center may be the right move for a company that doesn’t want to take on the additional cost of building out a data center, but is still looking for high computing efficiency; off setting costs and adding efficiency are driving IBM and its customers to adopt ecologically friendly products. Very few companies are doing power efficiency or space efficiency because it is the ecologically right thing to do. This has however received lukewarm response simply due to the fact that, in most cases the IT head isn’t the one who pays the power bills so why saving on energy & heating costs be his concern.

    In most cases, they aren’t really doing it to decrease the power bill. What they are concerned about is when they run out of power and space. A lot of vendors are wrapping efficient power and cooling stories in Green because it’s the fashionable thing to do.

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