• African markets targeted for energy-efficient and eco-friendly electronics

  • matipwili kids.jpgElectronics giants around the globe have discovered Africa to be an exploitable market to sell a range of eco-friendly and energy-efficient electronics these days. Manufacturers including South Korean electronics bigshot Samsung are now considering Africa as a great market to sell products including solar-powered lighting systems, energy-efficient televisions and appliances and a lot more. Also, given the fact that the African market contains a variety of consumer-types including those belonging to lower income groups and the brand-conscious middle class, manufacturers now have this continent in the spotlight.

    Currently, Samsung has unveiled a “Built for Africa” line of products including televisions, netbooks and smartphones and is also drawing plans for mobile solar powered internet facilities in Nigerian schools. This alone could very well bring about a change in the lives of people in Africa, giving the continent a touch of technology and modernism. The result could have its pros and cons however, bringing eco-friendly and energy-saving electronics into people’s lives though at a cost of increasing the unwanted consumerism and materialism!

    Posted in Topics:Awareness and Hype, Tags: on March 30, 2012