• A One Ton CO2 Cube Installation at Copenhagen to Rub In Climate Change Facts

  • One ton CO2 cube copenhagen.jpg
    Much of fragile planet Earth’s future is hinged on outcome of International Climate Change Summit at Copenhagen. Some world leaders are already pledging more emission cut downs and some are mulling to go back on their words. It’s a conflict between climate change believers and skeptics where once again economics will cast a shadow on real facts. Artists Alfio Bonanno and Christophe Cornubert have created a huge 27 foot cubic installation at the venue, the cube represents one ton CO2, the amount that is emitted by an individual in a developed industrial country in fifteen days (in case of US) to one month. Hope Barrack Obama, who is expected to attend end of the summit and other leaders will catch glimpse of this huge carbon foot print!

    This is not mere art but also hi tech media installation which streams real time data, images, video footage and smart solutions. Millennium Art, the curator of UN conferences is supporting this project in a big way and has planned to install more one ton cubes at all important locations around the world during the conference. Art always finds a way to create awareness by rubbing in hard reality and facts.
    Via Inhabitat