• Zero energy home advertises the eco-friendly lifestyle of the dwellers

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    Something wrong and the face goes red with anger…..while someone’s opulent lifestyle makes a person go green with envy! This is human nature but what if your house is also tweaked to glow red with embarrassment or green with vanity? BrightBuilt has pimped a the zero energy house to do exactly the same. Fitting energy efficient lights under the structure helps to bring to light the energy consumption and exhibit it to the neighbors too. Red glow underneath implies over indulgence in energy consumption while the green radiates your eco-habits that help to save up on energy generated. Apart from red-green demonstration this, the house boasts of a solar roof, geothermal heat exchange in the ground, super insulation in all the walls and low emissivity glass windows too.

    Located in Maine, this house can do without furnace too. With a base price of $200,000, poeple can settle for such a eco-concious den. While the prototype is a working studio for the client, future BrightBuilt Barns can be reconfigured as one or two-bedroom units and combined in multiple configurations. The company is also on track to receive a LEED Platinum rating from the U.S. Green Building Council.