• ZENA Systems designs wind-energy generating tower

  • wind-energy-generating-tower-1.jpg
    The wind blows the right way in Japan, and the Japanese sure know how to make use of all its energy. ZENA Systems, a Japan-based firm, is busy drawing out the blueprints for a colossal wind energy generating tower. To tower up 50 meters up above, the hexagonal building is basically a giant scoop that compresses wind from all directions and then runs the rushing air through a series of ground-based generators, creating energy in the bargain. That’s not all this plant does. It also houses a desalinization system, on-site energy storage, and a visitor’s center too. Also, for now, the technology isn’t all that clear, and remains hollow in a few areas. With time and developments, we sure hope this tower turns into a reality.

    If all goes well for ZENA Systems, the tower of power could be a breakthrough in wind energy generation!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on January 7, 2011