• World’s largest greenhouse in Cornwall, the Eden Project is truly green

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    If you’ve been around Cornwall in the United Kingdom lately, you might have come across some massive bubbles, and if you really haven’t figured out what they really are, you’ve just had a look at the world’s largest greenhouse! Designed by Nicholas Grimshaw, the Eden Project put up by Tim Smit is essentially covered biomes constructed from tubular steel space-frame and hexagonal panels made from thermoplastics known as ETFE. The project design takes inspiration from that celestial white ball up there, the moon. ETFE is recyclable, light and durable too. Also, its cheaper and a lot safer to use in construction than glass. The hexagons put together acts as a thermal blanket and keep the temperatures inside the biome just right.

    That’s not all. The Eden Project also makes use of sanitized rain water to keep the Tropical Biome humid and to operate the toilets, helping conserve water. Powered by energy generated from by wind turbines at the Green Tariff Electricity, the Eden Project is truly green.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on February 14, 2011