• Wind energy capturing Wind Tower could power 2,000 homes

  • Wind-Tower-1.jpg
    Now maybe the ancients couldn’t complete the Tower of Babel in the Old Testament, a stairway to heaven. In the future though, towers that do a lot more than just lead you to heaven could sprout up around the globe, green energy generating towers! Designed by British architects David Arnold and Alexa Ratzlaff, The Wind Tower, a colossal structure from the looks of it, will help generate enough energy to power up 2,000 homes. Composed of steel and concrete, this aerodynamically shaped tower will catch the wind currents to generate electricity. The center of the tower integrates a core with the main vertical circulation and storage areas while the spiral around it houses commercial, residential, institutional, and recreational facilities. The wind turbines on this one will measure around 45 meters.

    We’re sure awaiting the construction of towers like these in our cities around the globe. They’re big, designed futuristically, look great, and produce some large amounts of green energy too!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on October 25, 2010