• Watersquare stores rainwater, doubles up as a grey water system

  • watersquare.jpg
    It is indeed saddening to watch the liters and liters of rain water go waste when it rains heavily. Yes, rainwater harvesting and other purposeful schemes have been working, but here is another very interesting way to meaningfully utilize these excessive waters. Dutch company De Urbanisten has designed the ‘Watersquare’ which is like a huge container which will store the rain water during monsoons and will act like a regular ground for regular activities like playing or meeting, when dry. Children will be able to play in and around the water and, in the winter, even skate on the ice. The rainwater collected by the Watersquare will serve as a grey-water system for the surrounding houses. And after the rains, the water will automatically, without hampering the present sewage system, will recede into the nearby rivers and other water bodies. I think a lot of these Watersquares will definitely go a long way in maintain the eco system of our environment.
    [WorldArchitectureNews ]