• Water Scraper, the underwater skyscraper

  • We’ve seen skyscrapers around before. Make way for “sea-bed scrapers” now. This underwater building designed by Sarly Adre Bin Sarkum is an underwater skyscraper. Known as the Water Scraper, this architectural marvel is a self contained city that uses a whole load of green and environment friendly technologies. Power generation is done using wave, wind and solar power. The city also produces its own food using farming, aquaculture and hydroponic techniques. A small forest on the face of the structure turns it a shade greener. Places for inhabitation and work are at the lower levels.

    So what keeps the Water Scraper upright? It uses a system of ballasts that are aided by squid-like tentacles which also help generate kinetic energy. The architect hopes that in future, people will take to living in structures like these incase of a scarcity in land resources.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on March 10, 2010