• Visually unique, self sustaining ‘Pixel’ building is also carbon-neutral

  • pixel-building.jpg
    The ‘Pixel’ building, which is so named due to its façade which looks like a pixelated surface, is a rare example of aesthetic as well as scientific brilliance. This four storey building designed by Studio 505 Architects is to be located in Australia and is supposed to cost around $6 million. The building is supposed to be carbon neutral in the sense that all the carbon emitted, not only while constructing the building but also while producing the parts required to build it is going to be compensated for by the photovoltaic array on the roof. Apart from making the construction of the building carbon free, the building will also have devices such as an ozone-free heat pump chiller, grass roof covering, and reed-bed system which will help filter impure water and also provide shade on the windows.

    Along with being visually striking, the building is designed so as to maximize air circulation and hence minimize the use of energy for temperature regulation. This building is a glimpse of the future of all upcoming buildings which according to the present environmental scenario will have to become self-sustaining.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on March 11, 2010