• Urban Space Stations, farming pods for building-top greenhouses

  • Urban-Space-Stations-1.jpg
    At first, this one sure seems to resemble a giant maggot asleep on a building top. It’s much more than a colossal worm though. These are farming pods, an answer to roof-top farming, by artist and scientist Natalie Jeremijenko. The farming pods work out well on high-rises, where growing crops a few hundred feet of the ground seems silly. These pods absorb sunlight through their plastic skin covering and recycle air and water from the host building. They function as incubators for plants with hydroponic and soil free trays.

    No longer do we need to depend on those fruit and vegetable shipments that travel miles to end up in our supermarkets, where we pay a good price for them and ultimately bring them home to eat. Just step up to your terrace and pick the greens you’d like on your dinner table instead. For some reason though, the designer christened these Urban Space Stations. Well, they sure won’t have space ships landing here, though these greenhouses atop buildings could be the answer to cheaper food.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on June 10, 2010