• University of Maryland’s eco-friendly Water Shed home wins Solar Decathlon 2011

  • Maryland-WaterShed-House-1.jpg
    We’ve had news of green structures being unveiled at the Solar Decathlon before, and the 2011 Solar Decathlon championship finally ended with the University of Maryland Water Shed winning first place. The competition had 19 prefab homes, all eco-friendly and green to the finish, competing with each other this year. With points awarded in 10 different categories, with each category worth a 100 points, the winning design, the Water Shed home, won the architecture contest and won a place in the first five in just about every other contest too! In all, the Water Shed home won 96 points for its amazingly green design that was crowned the best solar-powered residence from them all.

    Complete with a solar array, wetlands and a green roof that collects and filters the home’s greywater so it can be reused, the Water Shed home also includes an edible garden and was made from locally sourced wood. And to add to it all, this beautiful residence also includes a liquid desiccant waterfall that helps control humidity!

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