• Tower of Power, energy generating tower for Taiwan produces 8MW

  • tower-of-power-1.jpg
    NL architects just drew up sketches for a 300-meter high tower that could find its roots in Taiwan, if all goes as planned. The Tower of Power, somewhat of a biblical name, will be a model green building, offering sightseeing and recreational facilities to visitors. This one produces a whole lot of green energy, and uses some 2000 rotors for that. Together, the rotors produce as much as 8MW of renewable energy. Besides just being an iconic structure, like most of the others that stand around, this one has its green uses too, owing to the fact that it generates energy. All in all, the Tower of Power could be Taiwan’s new modular power plant with recreational facilities.

    And for the first time, visitors will actually enjoy a visit to their neighborhood power plant! We’d love to see a structure like this sprout up for real.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on November 29, 2010