• Tokyo to build a solar powered stadium for the 2016 Olympics

  • Tokyo-olympic-stadium.jpg
    Solar powered dragon-shaped World Games Stadium in Taiwan has been in green limelight for some time now. However it’s time to shift attention to the Tokyo Olympic stadium that claims to be first the completely solar powered stadium when it takes shape. Tokyo 2016 bid team for Olympics has announced this officially. Plans also include renovating existing sports structures that will eliminate the need for more materials and space. The plan also promises to reduce carbon footprints with the most compact Games plan in history. The team proposes to position 97% of venues within an 8km radius of the Olympic Stadium and Olympic Village. By doing so, Tokyo intends to make a global statement about how much they care for our planet. With such green thoughts and proposals, I am sure, I need to book my tickets to Tokyo for the 2016 Olympic. On Oct. 2 in Copenhagen, Tokyo will compete with Chicago, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro to win the chance to host the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on September 30, 2009