• The Tubehotel uses recycled pipes for rooms

  • Tubehotel.jpg
    Taking the capsule-hotel concept to newer heights, designers t3arc have come up with an eco-friendly and environment-friendly mode to letting out roofs over the heads of travelers and visitors. Called the Tubehotel, this capsule hotel boasts beautiful views of the Sierra del Tepozteco outside of Cuernavaca. And what truly left us impressed, was the fact that this hotel is made of recycled pipes! With pipes being used for capsule-rooms, complete with a bed large enough for two and each measuring 2.44 m wide and 3.50 m, these rooms also boast storage space while two common bath-houses have been set up for the guests too.

    With 20 rooms, all made from recycled pipes, the Tubehotel works as an inexpensive way to lay your head down on a comfortable bed in an unusual hotel room, for a night away from your crib.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on July 6, 2011