• The Pinnacle building at Symphony Place receives a well deserved LEED Gold

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    Securing an LEED Gold certification isn’t all that easy. The building needs to be green, seriously green. And that’s just why the Pinnacle at Symphony Place in Tennessee can hold up its head in pride, having secured the certification for all its worth. The 29-storey building of glass and concrete located in the SoBro district of downtown Nashville receives its irrigation water from non-potable water captured from the foundation and under slab drains. This cuts down fresh water requirements by a good 50%. Also, low-flow toilets and bathroom faucets have been used to decrease 30% water usage in the building. Green-e Certified Renewable Energy Certificates offsetting 35% of the core and shell building’s annual electricity consumption for two years have been purchased, helping reduce pollution indirectly.

    Besides this all, low-emitting materials were used for construction while the paints and adhesives used contain lower levels of volatile organic compounds, helping reduce indoor air contamination. A well deserved LEED Gold certification indeed!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on March 7, 2011