• The Physalia sales through the water and purifies it, powered by renewable energy

  • Physalia-1.jpg
    At first, we thought this one to be a mutant whale, or probably a high-tech submarine. What it really turned out to be, was Vincent Callebaut’s Physalia. The designer came up with this floating garden, shaped like a whale that drifts through the water and purifies it at the same time. A self-sufficient eco-system of sorts, the Physalia is powered by the sun and uses bio-filtration to purify water. Covered with a green roof and thin-film solar panels, this one also uses hydro-turbines that generate energy from the water moving under its body. The vessel also uses a layer of TiO2, reacting with ultraviolet rays to clean the water.

    Inspired by the Physalia physalis jellyfish, that translates to Water Bubble, this incredible design might just seem a fantasy for now, but sure could help save the world’s waters if it does show up for real.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on February 10, 2011