• The Pearl River Tower – The greenest sky-scraper in the world nears completion

  • Pearl-River-Tower-1.jpg
    The world’s greenest sky scraper will soon be completed in China. The Pearl River Tower will have a heart of green and has just had its top floor constructed. Located at Guangzhou, this near zero energy sky-scraper will house the CNTC Guangdong Tobacco Corporation and will be finished as the year ends. Using cutting edge technology with the help of renewable energy sources like wind and solar energy, this building will be an environment friendly architectural marvel of this age.

    The sky scraper was strategically situated to make the most of wind and solar energy. It uses integrated photovoltaic cells and wind turbines to power up ventilation systems, heating and air-conditioning. Motorized rotating louvers keep the building ventilated and cool. This 71-storey building packs a load of green features that we’ll look for as it nears completion.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on March 31, 2010