• The Ocean Imagination pavilion shows off the true beauty of nature

  • Ocean-Imagination-pavilion.jpg
    Is it a wheel? Maybe a giant-wheel! Hell no! It’s the Ocean Imagination, the Thematic Pavilion of Yeosu 2012 by Unsangdong Architects, a pavilion beautiful enough to be a wonder of the world. Looking great isn’t everything this one boasts. It’s green too! A viewer gets a closer look at the ocean’s ecosystems with this pavilion with various exhibits that relate to man-made nature. The pavilion also features the Ocean Gate, a type of vertical sea-shore. Also, the Sustainable Ocean void space combines flowing water with the ecological environment, while the structure’s outer space is used for exhibiting the Water-Valley, Media-Valley, Play-Valley, Green-Valley and loads more.

    With a total area of 6200m2 and a theme and exhibition area of 2,000m2 and 1,600m2 respectively, the 100m Ocean Imagination is sure to make your imagination run wild and bring you a lot closer to nature.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on August 5, 2010