• The new environment friendly design for the US Embassy in London

  • us-embassy-london.jpg
    The US Embassy in London will be one of the greenest and most environment friendly buildings around. Thanks to Philadelphia-based architects Kieran Timberlake who won the competition to design build a new US Embassy in London, the building will be constructed near Nine Elms on the southern bank of the Thames and will use a whole load of energy saving and efficient concepts. The building will use a glass cube sheathed in a stretched, sculptural membrane embedded with gossamer-fine photovoltaic cells. This will shade the interior and also help grab energy from the sun. The building is protected by a semi-circular pool on the river facing side with a road passing between the embassy and the river Thames.

    The building is also elevated atop a mound to prevent terror attacks. The building will cost about $500m (€369m, £324m) which will be financed by he sale of the Eero Saarinen-designed 1960 Grosvenor Square building.
    An icon of the strength of the US-UK relationship, this building will spread its glory to its surroundings too when built.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on February 24, 2010