• The Gullwing Twin Wind Towers, wind powered self-sustainable skyscraper twins for Dubai

  • Gullwing-Twin-Wind-Towers-1.jpg
    At first look, these towers looked more like the spiny spiky legs of an overturned spider. Those spikes protruding from its façade give it a somewhat alarming look. This one isn’t that bad at all though. Its green, clean and is a revolutionary design by the designers and architects at the ARXX Studio. These twin towers might just find their place in Dubai, and are self-sustaining. The twins, known as the Gullwing Twin Wind Towers, are unique. They use an energy-generating system that incorporates the use of wind turbine hinges attached to the building that help generate electricity from wind. The circular structures, or wings, drive turbines, cylindrical with circular sections each with a series of bladed rings to capture the wind to generate green energy. And if you’re still wondering why these towers couldn’t be designed to stand up straight like every other skyscraper we come across, get a hold of this. The curvy structure was so designed, to create a tornado effect. In short, the buildings will work as two living tornados, producing energy.

    And with this, architecture gets a greener shade with concepts that might seem out-worldly, but are just as practical!

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