• The green zero-carbon home by designer John Christophers in Birmingham, UK

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    Living green seems to be on everyone’s mind today. And the best way to do so is have our homes as green as possible. That’s exactly what designer by John Christophers of Associated Architects thought about while dreaming up this little home in Birmingham’s inner city area. The family home is an architectural marvel from the environment-friendly perspective. And it has rightly won the RIBA award for architectural excellence this year too. So what makes this home so special? Read on! The new house is basically built around an early Victorian two-bedroom semi-detached house, whose early owners would probably have their jaws dropped looking at this one.

    The house is unique, for the fact that it is a zero-carbon structure, with no carbon footprint whatsoever. It produces as much energy as it consumes, and is two times the size of the old Victorian. For construction, 14 different reclaimed materials were used, integrating sustainable building material too. And how much did this all cost? £1,160 per sq m! The house now boasts four bedrooms and a studio loft too. A few more zero carbon homes like this one in our neighborhood would sure do a lot of good to our strained grids.

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