• The Empire State Building to use insulated windows to keep the heat out and save up on energy costs

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    You probably have heard of the tallest building in New York going green. The Empire State Building, with a $500 million renovation, will stand tall with a newly found pride and soon loom greener in the New York skyline. To help power up, the building will have its 6,500 windows retrofitted with an insulating glass. This insulation film developed by Southwall, traps and blocks the suns heat owing to the increased number of cavities within the double glazed windows.

    This will help reduce the buildings energy consumption by a sweet 38% annually, saving up $4.4 million in energy bills. The energy saved will be due to a reduced use of cooling systems in the building. Besides this, tenants are also required to change floor plans to use more natural light. The Empire State Building will be a gigantic example to skyscrapers around, to go green.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on April 13, 2010