• The Digital Media City Landmark Tower powers up with solar and wind energy

  • Digital_Media_City_Landmark_Tower.jpg
    The design for the tallest building tower in East Asia has been revealed by SOM. This super structure known as the Digital Media City Landmark Tower is sure to make the city of Seoul and Korea proud! So what separates this 2,100 foot giant of a tower from the rest of its peers? Well, the building is powered using wind turbines placed at the top of the building which helps satisfy 3% of the energy needs. Vertical and horizontal fins on the eastern and western facades protect the building from the suns heat and horizontal shades on the southern face of the building prevent heat from the mid afternoon sun from penetrating.

    The building has a curvy design. Solar photovoltaic panels provide shade and help capture solar energy and acts as a relief to the internal air-cooling systems. Gardens in the buildings atriums also helps keep the air in this building clean. Scheduled for a completion date set in the year 2014, this building will without doubt be a green architectural wonder!

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