• The Convention Centre at Dublin touted to be the first zero carbon conference centre in the world

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    Imagine big hotshots deciding your future in a building that is ecologically sustainable. That dream can soon become reality as the Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) made what is touted to be the first carbon neutral conference center open for use. The center has a vertically stacked program as opposed to a horizontal one as the architects at KRJDA wanted a better energy efficient envelope. The building comes with a 100-year design life too!

    The center has been designed to accommodate a maximum of 8000 people and uses several sophisticated integrated systems so that it can cut down on energy consumption. The construction itself has 6,000 tons of low-carbon concrete with central technology that includes state of the art HVAC an, integrated building automated system (IBAS), an energy recovery ventilation system (ERV)and an ice storage thermal unit (ISTU). However only time will tell how long the project can stick to its zero carbon promise.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on October 8, 2010